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RocketWallet Signals is one of the premier trading signal providers available today. It offers a suite of services designed to make trading more accessible, faster, and more profitable for all levels. The RocketWallet Signals system is developed by seasoned professionals with years of experience in financial markets and backed by a team of experts who provide real-time support.


1 Month

150 USD

3 Month

390 USD

6 Month

690 USD

12 Month

990 USD



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RocketWallet Signals Review 2024 – Honest Opinion

To start with, this crypto signals channel has been operating since 2020, and since that time the team of the project has been doing its best to bring good trading advice to people.

RocketWallet Signals – Basic Info

At the moment of writing, the free channel of RocketWallet Signals has more than 25k subscribers. The free signals channel is actually updated with useful market analysis. The great news is the team is not only focused on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but they are paying attention to the less popular currencies. And these ones, as we know, can surprise traders with high profits.

Customer Support at RocketWallet Signals

We can not say anything bad about the support of clients. We’ve been chatting with Adam, and his replies are very fast and informative. This shows us that the team really cares about giving everything possible to traders.

Prices at RocketWallet Signals

Everyone loves free crypto signals, but let’s be fair – you will not get high profits from them. For real trading, you should buy a subscription to the VIP trading channel.

rocketwallet signals cost

With RocketWallet Signals this is actually quite affordable, while the subscriptions cost:

  1. 150 USD per month;
  2. 390 USD per 3 months;
  3. 690 USD per 6 months;
  4. 990 USD per 12 months.

We talk so much about you paying so much attention while choosing the channel not to become the victim of scammers, especially the ones that are impersonating the real and good channel. Don’t be afraid of this situation with RocketWallet Signals – the channel has a dedicated bot @RocketWalletBot that is “in charge” of all the subscriptions*, and you send the payment to the address it sends you.


Services of RocketWallet Signals

When you buy a subscription, you don’t just get access to the VIP trading channel – it’s more!

First things first, of course, you will receive the link to RocketWallet VIP Channel, which is where you will see crypto signals to trade. We will talk about this channel a bit later, so let’s skip the details for now. Except for this one, you will get access to:

1) RocketWallet VIP Updates – this is a very useful source for some of you who are looking not just for signals, but the answer to the question “Why?”. Get informative updates every day with the links to TradingView charts, where you can check every detail of this or that TA.

rocketwallet signals market updates

2) RocketWallet VIP Tips/Insights – The channel has been inactive for a year now, but from what we can see from the last publications, traders were getting more fundamental analysis here, which is perfect when you combine this with TA.

3) RocketWallet VIP Chat – It’s a gem for many of you who like to share strategies, ask questions and discuss trades. Channels that have chats usually have much more loyal customers. Let’s be fair, a scam channel will never create a chat.

Is RocketWallet Signals a Legit Crypto Signals Channel?

Yes, it is. We’ve checked the team and found out that they have a good track record on the market. They also provide real-time support with help requests and are always willing to explain any features of the services they offer. The prices are reasonable and there is no need to worry about being scammed as all payments are sent directly to the bot on Telegram. We can highly recommend RocketWallet Signals to anyone looking for reliable and profitable crypto trading signals.

RocketWallet Signals – Monthly Performance

Words are good, but traders believe in profits. So let’s check how many signals the team sends and what is the profit.

So, since January 2023, the team has posted 10 signals, which is more than enough for us to conduct a review.

For your information, here are the cryptocurrency pairs the signals were posted for: LINK/USDT, HFT/USDT, YFII/USDT, DF/USDT, KAVA/USDT, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, AXS/USDT, and RVN/USDT.

From these signals, the traders in the VIP channel got 66% of the profit (all stop losses excluded already).

The best thing about this channel is that the team is always informing you if you need to move the stop loss, close the trade earlier, etc. Also, EVERY SIGNAL has a technical analysis attached, so you can always check the reason behind this or that signal.

Should You Trust RocketWallet Signals?

Yes, you should trust RocketWallet Signals. The team behind it is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the crypto markets. They provide real-time support with help requests and are always willing to explain any features of their services.

Moreover, they post signals only from high-quality exchanges like Binance. The monthly performance is also good, with 66% of the profits coming from all signals posted since January 2023.

Finally, RocketWallet Signals provides access to additional features like insights, tips, and even a chat room where traders can discuss their strategies and ideas. All in all, this service is definitely worth your time and money.

So, if you are looking for reliable crypto trading signals, RocketWallet Signals is the right choice! Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Good luck!

David Johnson
David Johnson
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