Long-Term Crypto Signals – 2024 List

After 2017, many people decided to invest in Bitcoin. Later, during the DeFi era, tokens like CAKE, TWT, CFX, etc. were one of the most popular ways of investing. The biggest trick here is that you usually can not earn a lot of money on one deal, and many people decide to choose the strategy of long-term investments.

In this guide, we will talk about cryptocurrency trading as a form of investment. After reading this, you will know how to manage this strategy carefully, its pros and cons, and many valuable tips.

long term crypto signals
what are signals for long term

What Are Long-Term Crypto Signals?

Long-term crypto signals are market predictions based on fundamental and technical analysis, that may specify the price of a particular coin in a couple of months or even years. When you are looking for crypto signals Telegram groups, you should always pay attention to the terms they use in signals. Frankly speaking, very few crypto signals providers offer long-term signals, but some of them do suggestions about which coins may potentially grow in the future.

When looking for long-term trading signals, people usually look for exact signals Telegram that are offered by swing trading groups or day trading signals providers. But, they may look absolutely different.

Many young traders think that long-term trading signals are very easy to trade.

What’s hard here? Just put your money and wait for profits.

But it is not as simple as they think.

Best Long-Term Crypto Signals Telegram 2024

Channel Rate Supported Exchanges Prices Cornix Bot Last 3 Months Results Links
CryptoVirus Approved
Rate stars 10
bitcoin, bitmex, bitrex, bybit, kucoin, okex

85 USD / 1 month

230 USD / 3 month

400 USD / 6 month

650 USD / 12 month

1200 USD / Lifetime



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Rate stars 10
bitcoin, bybit

0.013 BTC / 1 month

0.024 BTC / 3 month



Rate stars 10

150 USD / 1 month

300 USD / 3 month



Rate stars 10

500 USDT / 6 month



Rate stars 10
bitcoin, bybit

0.012 BTC / 1 month

0.022 BTC / 3 month



Rate stars 10
bitcoin, bybit

N/A / 1 month

N/A / 3 month

N/A / 6 month



Long-Term Signals Vs. Swing/Day Trading Crypto Signals

Crypto signals for the long term are very different from common signals. Here are the main differences:

1) These crypto signals require a lot of money.

You can not start a long-term investment with 100 USD. Well, you can, but it will not bring you many profits.

Let’s say, you expect Bitcoin to grow twice in a year, and you invest 100 USD in it, and forget about it. One year later, you come back and see that BTC increased by 80%, so you have 180 USD in your trading platform account.

Was it worth it?

We suppose, no.

So, when people want to trade long-term Bitcoin signals, they invest 1,000 USD and more. The trading capital of most experienced traders starts at 10,000 USD.

2) These crypto signals require you to be calm – you should be able to wait.

When you do swing trading or day trading, you do not wait a lot of time for the positions to be closed – you can close in a couple of weeks max, get your profits or accept losses. When trading crypto signals for the long term, you need to be extremely calm.

Many young crypto traders enter the long-term crypto market with no established trading strategy, and they do not succeed.

Do you know why?

Because they can not wait and they can not do risky trading.

long term signals telegram

Imagine you put 10,000 USD in one token. Let’s say – CAKE. In two months you see that the price decreased by 20%, so currently you have 8,000 USD and there are no technical indicators showing that the new growth is near.

What would you do? Of course, like many other people, you would panic and take the money. As a result, you’ll only lose 2,000 USD because you:

1) Did not accept the risks in the beginning.

2) Do not have a trading strategy.

3) Don’t know how to wait.

Is it possible to avoid this situation? Well, let’s see.

3) You should have a tested strategy to trade signals long-term.

Crypto markets are tricky – they do not want you to earn, and they will do everything for you to lose the money you invested. That is why you need to be clever.

When you enter the crypto exchange and invest money in paid crypto signals long-term, you can not just forget about them. When people say “put your money and forget”, it means that you need to forget you have money there, but you should not forget that you have a strategy and you need to follow the market.

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how NOT TO lose the money you invested in crypto trading signals:

  • When you see rapid growth, sell 10-15% of your position.

After rapid growth, there is also a rapid decline. Your task is to see the opportunity to sell a small amount, so you can re-buy when the price is lower.

  • Don’t sell after a rapid decline – even if you don’t have money to re-buy.

Even professional traders may miss the growth and lose money on a decline. You should know that there is no sense to sell the position – too late. You just need to calm down – it will be your bad experience, which will help you be more responsible next time.

How Do We Rank Crypto Signals for Long-Term Trading?

Lucky for you, there are fewer scammers in long-term crypto trading than in other strategies. But, it does not mean you should forget about reviewing a crypto signals Telegram group before subscribing. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

#1 – Profit & Accuracy

Paid crypto signals or free crypto signals – doesn’t matter. They should always be profitable for crypto traders. Long-term crypto traders may have higher profits than day traders, and here we do not state a percentage.

long term trading signals

However, the accuracy of such best crypto signals may vary from 60% to 85%. Yes, 100% accuracy of crypto signal providers is not rare but impossible.

#2 – Reputation

We check each crypto signals provider for the presence of red flags and doubtful results or schemes. Our goal here is to protect you from scam and pump & dump Telegram channels that just changed their names to seem legit.

#3 – Subscription Prices

Every trader usually looks for quality signals Telegram with cheap subscriptions or even free crypto signals, and it is possible to find such a crypto signal provider. Usually, the best crypto signals channels charge 50 USD – 80 USD per month. The prices may be higher, but only for a reason – now because a Telegram channel wants to earn more money on subscribers.

#4 – Customer Support

Every best crypto trading signals channel tries to offer perfect customer support to attract more people. Here, we check if an admin explains everything, tells the signal accuracy, explains how a smart trading bot works, etc. Also, he should explain everything properly and quickly – at least within 24 hours.

#5 – Frequency of Cryptocurrency Signals

This is also an important factor – for newcomers and advanced traders. We check if a trading signal provider gives crypto signals, including free signals, regularly. The best number of signals per day is 2-3.

When signal providers claim they share 5+ best paid trading signals per day, this may be a red flag – it can be false information just to attract you, or these signals will lack market indicators and analysis.

#6 – Margin Trading & Strategies

Some crypto signal platforms offer long-term signals Telegram with leverage. This is very risky, so you need to be sure the trader behind the channel is experienced. Anyways, we do not recommend exceeding the 20x leverage for beginners.

We do not usually recommend signal services that post signals with 50x+ leverage regularly.

Overview of Long-Term Crypto Signals Telegram 2024

? No. of Reviewed Long-Term Crypto Signals Groups


? No. of Approved Long-Term Crypto Signals Telegram


? Average No. of Long-Term Trading Signals/Month


? Average Subscription Price/Month for Long-Term Signals

113 USD

? Most Traded Cryptocurrencies for Long-Term Trading


Pros & Cons of Long-Term Cryptocurrency Trading Signals


  • You may get high profits, in case a proper technical analysis is present.
  • Many crypto signals Telegram groups offer long-term signals.
  • You can find free crypto signals and check the crypto signals Telegram group.
  • Technical analysis is very helpful when trading long-term.
  • The crypto market is full of educational guides to trade signals manually or use auto trading with API signals, learn how crypto trading signals work, what crypto exchanges are the best, etc.
  • You can find many signals review sources.


  • There is still a chance to subscribe to scam signals providers (unless you follow our website).
  • Even some best crypto signals providers may not offer long-term trading.
  • Long-term traders don’t usually offer BitMEX signals for margin trade ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to get started

Crypto signals for long-term trading are trade ideas that are open for one month and more. Crypto trading platform that specializes in long-term trading, should have professional traders behind the channel who can offer the best crypto signals.
The best channel to trade crypto signals long-term should have the following characteristics: many crypto exchanges supported; affordable subscription prices; good reputation in a cryptocurrency market; experience in different areas, such as retail investor accounts managing; profitable trading signals; education materials; auto trading, etc.
You can get crypto signals for free if you ask for a trial (in case it is available) if you look for them in a free crypto channel - many Telegram groups offer them for their potential subscribers.
Auto trading is a very popular feature now - many crypto groups offer it. Auto trading allows you to connect a trading bot to your exchange account with the right to manage your assets - not to withdraw them. By having this, the bot will open and close position on your behalf. You should only check regularly if the bot works properly.
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