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bitcoin, bitmex, bitrex, bybit, kucoin, okex

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85 USD

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230 USD

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400 USD

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CryptoVirus Review 2024

CryptoVirus is a key player in the crypto signals world on Telegram. It’s not just for Binance anymore but offers tips for all exchanges that work with the Cornix bot. With its fair prices, it’s got a lot of fans.

Since starting up on May 1, 2021, CryptoVirus has grown a lot. It’s run by Alex – the main admin and trader, and he has been in the trading game for over five years now. He is ready to answer any questions about trading or his service.

CryptoVirus Signals

CryptoVirus is known for giving out 1-3 crypto signals every day that rarely lead to a loss. They focus on short to mid-term tips and avoid riskier margin signals. They’ve maintained a solid track record, showing off significant gains without big losses.

Also, recently, Alex started to trade futures, so now this channel can also be suitable for the ones looking for leveraged trades.

The channel offers regular reports, which are usually taken from Cornix. If you need fresh info on their trades, you can ask Alex to provide it.

cryptovirus signals

Pros and Cons of CryptoVirus Signals

Pros of CryptoVirus signals are the following:

  • Fast Help: Alex is quick to reply and gives all the details you need.
  • Affordable Prices: Now, it costs $85 for a month or $230 for three months to join, which is pretty good for what you get.
  • Works with Many Exchanges: Because it supports the Cornix bot for all its exchanges, it’s super convenient.
  • Clear Results: They show their track record openly, so you know they’re trustworthy.

We still think that even the best channels have something to improve, and we are very proud when guys accept advice from us! So, here are a few things that could be implemented for CryptoVirus:

  • Website Needed: A website could make finding information easier and help attract more people.
  • Community Chat: A chat for members could be a nice place for tips and support.


I’ve been with CryptoVirus for over six months now (with a small break because Alex got sick), and it’s been a solid experience. The team’s expertise shines through in their signal quality and the low loss rate they maintain. The pricing update was a bit of a surprise, but considering the consistent profits I’ve been making, I can’t complain. – Luna

It’s rare to find a service that lives up to its promises, but these guys do. The accuracy of their signals is impressive, and their commitment to transparency with the results sheet gives me a lot of confidence. Plus, the Cornix bot integration is seamless. It might seem pricey to some, but for the value I’m getting, it’s worth every penny. Highly recommend! Dan

Stumbled upon CryptoVirus a few weeks ago and it’s been a pretty good ride! The daily signals are a game-changer for me. Alex is super responsive and helpful, which makes the whole experience feel personalized. – Sally

P.S. If you guys wish to leave a testimonial about this channel, just use our contact form and we will attach it here!

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