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The crypto market has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the last decade. Most investors are now venturing into the ever-changing industry, hoping to get a share of this multi-billion dollar market. However, crypto investing and trading can be difficult, especially when you have little to no investing experience.

Because of its soaring popularity, the market has introduced several ways to simplify the investment and trading processes. These innovative tools help new investors earn from the ever-growing crypto market by reducing their risks. Crypto signals are a very good way for newcomers and experienced traders to start earning money.

Using crypto signals can improve the efficiency of your trading techniques as it minimizes your risk while trading. In this FAQ section, you’ll learn what crypto signals are, which strategies you may implement, how to use a leverage, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A crypto signal is a set of guidelines or instructions sent by a provider to help traders decide the crypto to buy or sell, the recommended prices, and stop-loss targets. Crypto signals are ideas to help traders maximize their profit when trading crypto. A crypto signal will basically include the following information:
  • crypto to buy, e.g., Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and others;
  • entry price;
  • sell targets;
  • stop loss.
Providers can develop methods to help you receive crypto signals. Most providers send crypto signals to their users via Telegram for convenience. However, you'll need to check chats regularly to ensure you get all the signals and minimize the risk while trading. Other providers also send signals via platforms like Discord. So, users who prefer to avoid using social media channels can also find more reliable ways to get crypto signals.
Crypto signals can be worth it. Everything depends on how accurate the signals are and how much you invest compared to the profit you stand to make. There's also a chance they might be wrong, so be careful when choosing a crypto signals Telegram group. P.S. We'll help you with this :)
Crypto pump signals are messages sent to entice users to buy a certain crypto asset to profit from the price manipulation resulting from the sudden demand increase. The pump and dump channels claim users can then sell the amassed coins at a higher price to make a profit following the demand increase and price inflation.
Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase rank as the best crypto trading platforms across the globe, although there are a number of other reliable crypto exchanges out there. However, crypto investors should consider the security of a platform before signing up. It's also crucial to check the available coins and trading volumes, as low-volume markets will hurt your sales.
Leverage is using borrowed crypto assets to trade. It amplifies your selling or buying power to allow you to trade more capital than what's available in your wallet. Depending on your crypto exchange, investors can borrow up to a hundred times what's available in their account balance. Leverage is available in different forms, including futures contracts, leveraged tokens, and margin trading.
You can find free and paid crypto channels on Telegram and other social media channels. However, check whether the crypto signals are based on professional analytics, including fundamental or technical analyses, market condition indicators, and news. Start with a free or the most affordable package to ascertain their usability and benefit.
Using crypto signals is for investors (better call them traders) looking for an active approach to beat the market and make profitable moves. However, crypto investors looking for a more relaxed passive trading approach would be better considering not trading cryptocurrencies but investing sums in them in long term.
You'll get correct and incorrect signals even when you choose a reliable crypto signal platform. But to avoid being scammed, choose crypto signal platforms that provide technical analysis to help the users understand how they predict future price movements. Also, pay attention to their history, prices (very high or very low is always suspicious) and to the way they provide information regarding trades.
Day trading refers to buying and selling crypto and financial assets within seconds, minutes, or a day to profit from rapid price fluctuations. The activity employs a wide range of strategies and techniques to capitalize on perceived market inefficiencies. It's not investing in the traditional sense as the trader exploits the inevitable price movements occurring across a trading session.
Swing trading refers to a speculative trading strategy where investors acquire and hold crypto assets expecting to profit from price moves during one or two weeks. Swing traders must leverage technical analysis to know the buy and sell points. However, the fundamental analysis is not as much important here as, for example, in day trading.
The best crypto signals for day trading are based on fundamental and technical analysis, not just mere estimates. As such, the success rate is important when choosing a crypto signals platform for day trading. Fortunately, all reliable crypto signal platforms display their success rate, and you can read user reviews to verify their authenticity. Day traders also need to consider the frequency of the crypto signals offered. Few signals mean that traders won't be alerted of enough market opportunities. On the other hand, too many signals might mean the provider is reckless. You'll also want to pay attention to the trading strategies that a signal provider supports.
As a new trader using crypto signals, you should limit your trading leverage to 10:1 or maintain it at 1:1 to stay safe. Trading with a high leverage ratio is a common mistake that most new crypto traders make and can lead to financial problems. That's why crypto trading experts recommend a lower leverage ratio until you're more experienced with crypto signals.
There are many crypto signals Telegram channels on the market that give good crypto trading signals. When choosing the one with the best crypto signals, pay attention to their free channel, history of the channel (if they changed name or logo and why), reputation, etc.
You can find hundreds of crypto trading signals on the internet, with many providing messages via Telegram or Discord. Try to look for a crypto signals channel that uses a bot like Cornix to send signals - this feature is going to be very helpful during your trading.
BTC and ETH are normally the most versatile cryptocurrency trading pairs as they're available in most exchanges. But, you should not limit yourself to these coins only (though, there are some channels trading only BTC or ETH). Follow the crypto market and news to see upcoming projects or the ones that are expecting development. Also, don;t forget about old but trusted BNB, LTC, ADA, etc.
Due to cryptocurrency's unpredictable and volatile nature, there are several strategies that crypto traders use. Traders looking to make frequent small profits from crypto day trading often choose to scalp, a short-term strategy that will help you generate substantial profits over time. This strategy is popular in the crypto trading market because of its volatile nature. Other profitable crypto trading strategies you can use include swing trading, shorting, and long-term trading. However, most new crypto traders succeed using event-driven trading strategies, which focus solely on benefiting from a strong media presence in a specific digital asset.
Crypto trading using reliable signals is highly lucrative, and there's no limit to what you can earn with a proven working strategy. That's why crypto traders must research reliable crypto signal providers before investing their money. Additionally, there's no guarantee of succeeding in crypto trading using signals, and you'll get both correct and wrong predictions.
You can get free crypto signals by checking the free crypto signals groups on Telegram. Trusted crypto signals channels post free signals sometimes to give new subscribers the opportunity to check their strategy, type of signals, risk/reward rate, etc.
A buy signal is triggered when the positive average line goes above the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) line. That creates a positive divergence between the assets average and its MACD, resulting in a bullish crossover buy signal.
While there are thousands of crypto projects online, the tip three cryptocurrencies for traders include:
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – Launched in 2009, it has a market cap of over $846 billion and is widely accepted across all reliable crypto exchanges.
  • Ethereum (ETH) – With a market cap of over $361billion, Ethereum is a favorite for software developers due to its potential applications, such as smart contracts and the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Tether (USDT) – Unlike BTC and ETH, USDT is a stable coin backed by the US dollar (fiat currency). That means Tether's value should be more consistent than most crypto coins. USDT has a market cap of over $79 billion today.
ETH-USD (Ether-USD) is the most predictable cryptocurrency pair you can trade in leading crypto exchanges. During a price surge in the crypto market, ETH is always among the top or bottom in the range, almost trading between the new and previous lines. This crypto asset has a good memory as it regularly revisits old price lines.
As a beginner crypto investor looking to spend your first $1000 in crypto assets, we recommend using the 50:30:20 split rule. 50% goes to a relatively stable coin like Ethereum or Bitcoin, as they're less likely to crash badly when the market is bad. 30% should go to high-stability altcoins like Solana, Polkadot and Cardano, while 20% foes to small market-cap altcoins.
No cryptocurrency can guarantee that you'll become a millionaire within a certain timeframe. It all depends on the magnitude of your crypto investments, a clear understanding of the market sentiments and your risk-bearing capability. When you invest big, you stand a better chance of making a huge profit and vice versa, but there's always the potential of losing cash.
There's nothing illegal about crypto trading or using trading signals. Essentially, trading signals are only projections of the market based on technical and fundamental analysis. Therefore, your crypto provider is basically selling you suggestions, which is fully legal.
Crypto trading signals are available for free on some platforms or at a premium price. The price can range from a few dollars every month to hundreds of dollars depending on the provider's signal frequency and success rate.
When crypto trading signals are offered for free, they might not be very reliable as the lack of incentive might make the provider sloppy during the fundamental and technical analysis. Consider paying a premium price to get reliable trading signals from providers with real credentials and experience in the crypto market.
Professional crypto traders have the advantage of being skilled at analyzing news and interpreting emotions in the markets when trading. As such, expert traders can generate their own crypto signals through technical analysis to avoid relying on inexperienced signal providers when trading. However, beginners are better off using crypto signals as they continue learning.
There's no limit to how much a crypto investor can earn while trading using crypto signals. While paid crypto signals can help you grow your profit, the actual amount you'll get depends on you. We recommend using high-quality signals and regularly analyzing your market to minimize your risks, as some platforms may take irrational risks after a significant loss.
The easiest way to notice a pump-and-dump crypto scheme is when you see an unknown coin suddenly rising substantially without any reason behind it. That can be easily noticed from the coin's price chart. Many crypto experts believe that when a crypto coin's value increases by 5% or more within five minutes, then it's highly likely to be a pump-and-dump scheme.
While it might sound unreal, some crypto assets have zero transaction fees as they run on relatively different systems. Nano and IOTA are the most popular cryptocurrencies without any transaction fees. Nano is a decentralized, open-source payment protocol running on the Nano network, while IOTA is a distributed ledger using DAG to process its transactions.
With the crypto market on the rise, new traders might be confident they're following the best trading signals for free but get scammed by some websites. To avoid fake trading signals, don't click on links from unknown emails or messages that you receive claiming to be a bulletproof solution. Also, avoid blindly following the advice of people who claim to know better without seeing real proof that they've done the proper research.
Some of the safest cryptocurrency trading apps include Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Robinhood and others. There are also thousands of other crypto trading apps you can use, but choose a platform with low fees and uses sophisticated security protocols. Beginners may also choose an app with diverse payment methods, including fiat currency.
Cornix is a crypto trading bot based in Telegram, helping users to buy, sell and manage their cryptocurrency portfolios from their social media accounts. The crypto bot was launched in 2019, and it's advertised as the best signal provider to users looking for simple and user-friendly mechanisms. The bot is also available on Discord. This popular crypto trading bot allows users to customize their trading strategies as you can choose multiple entries, personalize the take profit and stop loss. Cornix also tracks trading signals through technical analysis, making it a crypto trading hub for beginners and expert traders.
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