Cornix Bot Review 2024 - Instructions and Honest Opinion

Trading cryptocurrencies can be a difficult task, especially for newcomers who are just entering this market of crypto trading signals. Thankfully, crypto signals on Telegram are becoming more and more well-liked, giving traders insightful information and market movement notifications. Yet, manually monitoring and evaluating these signals can be laborious and difficult. Telegram crypto trading bots can help.

Both novice and experienced traders utilize the Cornix crypto bot to automate their trading process and benefit from the cutting-edge capabilities of crypto trading signals. With the ability to link with well-known exchanges, the Cornix trading bot makes it simple for traders to use their preferred platform.

Let’s review the Cornix trading bot and finally answer the question:

Is the Cornix trading bot legit?

cornix trading bot review
what is cornix bot

What Is Cornix Bot?

The Cornix Bot has been operating for a while. This auto trading bot can be used to trade different cryptocurrencies on numerous well-known exchanges, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. By automating the crypto trading process, customers may quickly and easily make lucrative deals with little effort.

The Cornix auto bot gives customers strong resources to manage their crypto trading approach and make wiser choices with crypto trading signals. Additionally, it features an integrated risk management system that enables users to safeguard their resources and gains while trading using crypto signals.

Cornix Crypto Bot Features

  • Automated Crypto Signals Trading – Based on signals from Telegram, Cornix Bot makes trades. Compared to human traders, it can evaluate the market and make decisions more quickly.
  • Advanced Risk Management – The crypto trading bot includes an integrated risk management system that shields your funds and profits from any unexpected fluctuations in the crypto market.
  • Technical Analysis Tools – Cornix crypto bot features robust technical analysis tools. It can assist you in deciding when and where to start a position as well as when to exit a trade.
  • Automated Portfolio Management – You can manage your portfolio with the bot’s assistance to increase gains and reduce losses.
  • Customizable Trading Strategy – You may personalize your tactics with Cornix auto trading and maximize their effectiveness.

Let’s discuss each of these features in detail in our Cornix Bot Review.

Pros and Cons of Trading with Cornix Bot


Automation: The Cornix Bitcoin bot’s goal is to completely replace manual intervention by automating crypto trading choices based on established parameters. Especially for those who are juggling many trades at once, this function can save traders a great deal of time and work.

Real-Time Updates: By giving traders real-time information and alerts based on market movements, the bot enables traders to act swiftly and with knowledge.

Integration: The Cornix trading bot makes it simple for traders to use their favorite platform because it is compatible with well-known exchanges like Binance, Bitmex, and Coinbase.

Advanced Features: The bot contains sophisticated capabilities that professional traders who prefer more control over their transactions find interesting.

Easy-to-Use Interface: The Cornix auto-trading bot offers an interface that is simple to use, especially for new users.

Risk Reduction: By enabling traders to set stop-loss and take-profit orders, the bot lowers the danger of loss.

Backtesting: Before using their crypto trading techniques in live trading, traders can use the Cornix Telegram bot to backtest them, which gives them a greater understanding of their efficacy.


Cost: After the free trial, customers must subscribe to the bot’s services on a monthly basis in order to utilize its capabilities. For some traders, especially beginners who don’t have big capital, this may be quite an expense.

Complexity: Despite the bot’s user-friendly appearance, some traders might find it difficult to appropriately set up and operate the bot, especially if they are new to automation or trading.

Dependence on Third-Party Services: The Cornix Telegram bot uses TradingView for charting and Telegram for communication, among other third-party services, for some of its functionality. This might lead to sporadic outages or other problems beyond the bot’s control.

Cornix Trading Bot Features

Crypto traders frequently utilize the Cornix crypto trading bot to automate their crypto trading processes and seize market chances. A number of features provided by the bot are intended to make trading simpler and more effective. We’ll go through a few of the Cornix bot’s primary functions and advanced trading features in this article.

Feature #1 – Signal Integrations

TradingView, popular Telegram channels, and other sources are just a few of the many signal channel configurations that the Cornix crypto trading bot supports. This enables traders to swiftly and effectively execute trades while also receiving real-time market movement signals.

Feature #2 – Trade Execution

Using established criteria including price triggers, technical indicators, and risk management techniques, the Cornix automated trading bot may automatically execute trades. Especially for those crypto traders who are juggling many trades at once, this function can save traders a great deal of time and work.

Feature #3 – Customization

A significant degree of customization is available with the Cornix Telegram trading bot, enabling crypto traders to choose their own crypto trading parameters and tactics. For experienced traders who desire more control over their trades, this can be extremely useful.

Feature #4 – Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders

Crypto traders can lower their risk of loss and lock in profits by using the Cornix crypto trading bot to set stop loss and take profit orders. This characteristic is crucial in volatile markets where prices can change quickly.

Feature #5 – TradingView Integration

The TradingView platform, a well-liked tool for crypto technical analysis and charting, can be linked with the Cornix app and Telegram bot. This enables traders to create their trading strategies using their preferred indicators and tools and automate their execution using the Cornix Telegram bot.

Here is how to integrate your Cornix Telegram bot with your TradingView account:

1. Log into your Cornix account.

2. Go to the Settings tab and click on Connections.

3. Click on TradingView.

4. Enter your TradingView username and password.

5. Click Connect.

6. You’re done!

Feature #6 – Position Management

The Cornix Telegram bot can manage many positions at once, giving traders the ability to scale in and out of trades and properly manage their risk while not trading manually. Traders that participate in a variety of markets or crypto trading pairs will find this feature to be extremely useful.

Feature #7 – Backtesting

Using historical data, traders can backtest their trading methods with the Cornix Telegram bot, which offers useful insights into the strategy’s efficacy. This function can aid traders in enhancing their performance and strategizing.

Feature #8 – Security

To safeguard user information and trade accounts, the Cornix auto trading bot employs industry-standard security mechanisms. The bot is made to work safely with well-known exchanges like Binance, Bitmex, and Coinbase, guaranteeing that user information and cash are always protected.

Feature #9 – Support

A thorough knowledge base, discussion boards, and personal assistance from the Cornix team are all available to users of the Cornix bot, including those who are trading manually. This makes sure that when traders run into problems or have inquiries about the performance of the bot, they may get assistance quickly and effectively.

To sum up, the Cornix trading bot has a number of features that can assist traders in automating their trading processes, lowering risk, and improving the performance of crypto trading signals. Although there is a monthly subscription price associated with the bot, many traders believe the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. The Cornix bot is definitely something to think about if you’re interested in employing an automated trading bot to manage your Bitcoin trades.

How to Create an Account with Cornix Bot?

Creating an account with Cornix Bot to stop trading manually is quite simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Go to the official website.

2. Select the plan that you want to purchase.

3. Create your account.

4. Verify your email address.

5. Log in to your account and start using the bot.

Now that you have this, you can use all of Cornix Bot’s functions. You may immediately begin trading, maintaining your portfolios, and refining your techniques. Anybody wishing to start automatic crypto signal trading should use Cornix Bot.

It’s crucial to remember that the bot can only be used to trade cryptocurrencies and not fiat currency once you’ve created your account. This means that customers cannot use the bot to conduct transactions using fiat currencies; instead, they must use a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange to acquire and sell their assets. Users must also always utilize secure wallets to keep their money safe and never leave it exposed on the exchange.

How to Link an API Key to Cornix Bot?

Follow these steps to connect your API key to the Cornix bot:

  1. Create an account with the exchange you want to use for trading. For instance, you’ll need to open a Binance account if you wish to trade on the platform.
  2. Go to the exchange account’s API management area. Usually, you may find this in the security or account settings.
    Create a fresh API key. The permissions you want to provide the Cornix bot, such as the ability to place trades or check account balances, must be specified.
  3. Copy your secret key and API key. For your account to be connected to the Cornix bot, you will require both of these keys.
  4. Go to the Cornix bot website and create an account there. You must enter your Telegram login and some fundamental details about your trading approach.
  5. Go to the API section and select “Add API” after creating your Cornix bot account. Enter your API key and secret key after choosing the exchange you want to connect to.
  6. Make sure the Cornix bot’s permissions are appropriate for your trading strategy by going over the ones you’ve given it. You can set up your trading preferences and have the Cornix bot begin trading automatically once you’ve connected your API key to it. Before trading with greater sums of money, make sure to test your approach with a little quantity of money.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that connecting your API key to the Cornix bot necessitates giving the bot permission to access your trading account. Hence, it is crucial that you maintain your API key and secret key private and only provide the bots the permissions that are required for your trading strategy.

How Much Is Cornix Trading Bot Subscription?

Depending on the plan you select, Cornix Trading Bot has a subscription cost. The Pro Plan costs $60 a month, while the Intermediate Plan is $40. All functions are accessible through both plans, however, the Pro Plan has a few more features that make it more appropriate for experienced traders.

cornix trading bot prices

It is significant to note that using the Cornix Trade Bot is free of further charges. The bot’s maintenance and operation costs are entirely covered by the membership fees you pay.

Does Cornix Trading Bot Have a Trial?

Cornix Trading Bot does indeed offer a free trial. Users can test out the functionalities of the bot during the seven-day trial period before deciding to subscribe. No financial details are needed, and it is totally free.

Before committing to a subscription, consumers get an opportunity to test out the bot and determine whether it is appropriate for their trading needs during the trial time. Users can then decide whether or not the bot is worthwhile based on their investment.

Exchanges Supported by Cornix Bot

Cornix Bot supports a range of different exchanges, including:

Cornix Bot also supports a variety of coins and tokens, so users can trade a wide range of digital assets without any issues.

Is Cornix Trading Bot Safe?

Yes, Cornix Trading Bot is safe to use. The bot uses sophisticated algorithms and advanced technologies to make sure that all trading operations are secure and accurate. All aspects of the bot are regularly tested and updated to ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities or bugs. Additionally, user data is kept safe and secure at all times.

Can Cornix Bot Be Hacked?

Cornix Bot can’t be compromised, thus no. In order to ensure that all user information and trade operations are protected from hostile actors, the bot was designed utilizing the most recent security protocols and encryption technology. To ensure there are no security flaws, the platform is also frequently examined for vulnerabilities and faults.


Anyone may enter the world of cryptocurrency trading thanks to Cornix Trading Bot, an automated platform for trading crypto signals. Users can personalize their trading strategies and seize market chances thanks to a variety of features it offers.

Users can feel secure knowing that their money is secured on the site because it is trustworthy and safe. Cornix Trade Bot is unquestionably something to take into account if you’re seeking an automated trading solution. Hope this Cornix trading bot review will help you in your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to get started

Depending on the plan you select, the Cornix bot subscription charge changes. There are a number of subscription choices available for the bot, including a free plan and many paid ones with additional features and capabilities. With the free plan, you can use the bot on a single exchange and make up to five trades each month. Nevertheless, it does not have some of the more sophisticated capabilities, such as complex order types, and position management. Depending on how many exchanges you want to trade on, how many positions you want to manage, and how much customization you need, the monthly fees for the paid plans range from $20 to $60. Other capabilities like backtesting, advanced order types, and TradingView integration are also included in the subscription plans.
Absolutely, all of Cornix Bot's paid plans come with a free trial. This enables consumers to evaluate the bot and its features before deciding to subscribe for a fee. The seven-day free trial is offered and contains all of the features of the chosen plan. Depending on the plan they choose, users can test the bot on one or more exchanges throughout the trial time.
Yes, it is safe to use Cornix Trading Bot. API keys are encrypted, and communication is done using SSL/TLS protocols. Users have total control over their accounts, and it also allows two-factor authentication. To guarantee its security and dependability, Cornix Bot has undergone independent security audits. Trading bots are not 100% risk-free, though, and there is always a chance of failure. Trading should be done carefully, and API keys and other sensitive information should be kept private.
Although there is always a chance that a piece of software will be compromised, Cornix Trade Bot has taken many security precautions to guard against unwanted access and safeguard user information and payments. These safeguards include SSL/TLS communication protocols, encryption of API keys, support for two-factor authentication, and allowing users total account control. Also, Cornix Bot has passed independent security assessments to find and fix any systemic flaws or vulnerabilities. Updates and fixes are promptly released by the developers to fix any potential security flaws. There is always a certain amount of risk associated with utilizing any software, and it is crucial to remember that no system is fully impervious to hacking.
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