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Crypto GALAXY Review

In the ever-evolving and dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading, finding reliable and accurate signals can be the key to success. Crypto GALAXY has emerged as a beacon for both seasoned traders and newcomers alike, offering daily signals that promise to enhance trading outcomes. With a track record that speaks volumes, here’s an in-depth review of what Crypto GALAXY brings to the table.


Since its inception at the beginning of 2024, Crypto GALAXY has been providing 1-5 daily signals for cryptocurrency trading. The channel integrates the Cornix bot, making it easier for users to follow and execute trades. It focuses primarily on futures trading across all exchanges, with a preference for long trades and a consistent use of 20x leverage.


  • Daily Signals: Subscribers receive between 1 to 5 trading signals each day, catering to various levels of trading expertise.
  • Integrated Trading Bot: The use of the Cornix bot streamlines the trading process, allowing for automated trade execution based on the signals provided.
  • Leverage and Trading Strategy: The channel consistently employs a 20x leverage strategy, focusing mainly on long trades to capitalize on market uptrends.
  • Market Coverage: Signals cover futures trading across all major cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a broad market overview.
  • Experience: The team behind Crypto GALAXY has been trading cryptocurrencies since 2021, leveraging their expertise to provide actionable signals.


Crypto GALAXY boasts an impressive track record, with only one stop loss hit in the last 150 signals.

crypto galaxy results

This level of accuracy underscores the channel’s deep understanding of market dynamics and risk management, aiming for high ROI while minimizing capital exposure.


The channel offers two subscription models: $150 per month for those looking for a short-term commitment, or $500 for a lifetime subscription, catering to more serious traders looking for long-term guidance.

Pros and Cons of Crypto GALAXY Signals


  • High accuracy rate with a proven track record.
  • Automated trading support through the Cornix bot.
  • Broad exchange and market coverage.
  • Suitable for both newcomers and experienced traders.


  • Limited to futures trading, which may not appeal to everyone.
  • The focus on mostly long trades might not suit traders looking for short or varied strategies.
  • The cost may be prohibitive for some traders, despite the high potential ROI.


Since joining Crypto GALAXY, my trading outcomes have significantly improved. The accuracy of their signals is unparalleled, and the integration of the Cornix bot makes trading a breeze.Adam

The best investment I’ve made in my trading career. Excellent risk management and consistent performance.Michalina

The signals are generally accurate and helpful, but I wish there was more variety in trading strategies beyond mostly long positions.Adriano

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