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Welcome to the Crypto Signals Hub Website. The following terms and conditions legally bind you. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding to use.

Interpretation and Definitions


The following requirements specify the meanings of the words’ beginning letters. The definitions will remain the same whether the terms are used alone or collectively.


The following definitions apply throughout these Terms and Conditions:

  • Affiliate: When one individual has more than half of the voting shares, equity stake, or other securities in an organization, they are said to have control of that entity.
  • Company: This Agreement refers to the Website, or “Our Site,” as it is known on the Internet.
  • Device(s): any electronic device, for example, mobile phones; computers; and other devices.
  • Feedback: Any ideas, suggestions, or materials you provide to Us in connection with Our products or services are also subject to these terms.
  • Service refers to the Website.
  • Terms and Conditions You agree that your use of any Third-Party Social Media Service will at all times comply with all local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Third-party Social Media Service means that the Service may feature, include, or provide access to third-party data, information, commodities, or services.
  • Website refers to Crypto Signals Hub Website, accessible from https://cryptosignalshub.net/.
  • You, a person or Company that is using or accessing our Service, and any other legal entity on whose behalf that person is acting.


If you wish to use our Service, you must comply with these regulations. Each user’s rights and responsibilities in connection with their use of the Service are spelled out in detail below.

The Service is provided subject to your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors, users, and those who use or use the Service.

You accept these Terms and Conditions by registering for the Service. To join the Service, you must first agree to the Terms & Conditions.

In this case, you affirm that your age is at least 18. People under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the Service.

Through your continued use of the Service, you affirm your understanding and acceptance of the Company’s Privacy Policy and your consent to its terms and conditions. When you use the Application or browse our Website, we may gather information about you.

This Privacy Policy describes how we use, disclose, and manage this information. This document also explains your legal protections against unwanted personal data. Before using our Service, please take the time to read our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

The content of this Website is protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. You must not modify or alter any of this website’s content without our permission. This includes copying or reproducing any text, graphics, or photographs from this Website without our express permission. Any unauthorized use of any part of this Website may breach copyright laws, trademark laws, and other intellectual property rights laws.

We will not be liable for your use of material from this Website. In particular: you must not use any portion of the material for commercial purposes unless you first receive a license from us.

Your Feedback to Us

Any comments or suggestions you have are appreciated. We kindly ask that no personally identifying information (name, address, phone number) be included in any feedback submissions to safeguard the privacy of individuals who contribute to it.

Links to Other Websites

Links on our Service may lead to resources hosted by third parties over which we have no control.

We do not manage or endorse the content, accuracy, or reliability of any third-party websites, apps, or services you may access via our Services. In addition, we make no promises that they won’t evolve. If your utilization of them brings any harm or loss, you acknowledge that we will bear no responsibility for such.


We may terminate this Agreement immediately, with or without cause, upon written notice. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by ceasing to use the Services. Suppose you breach any provision of this Agreement without limitation by violating our content guidelines or policies. In that case, we may terminate this Agreement or suspend your access to the Services.

Limitation of Liability

Your use of and access to the Services are subject to the following terms and conditions (Terms). The Terms apply to those who access or use the Services. If you haven’t made any purchases via the Service, the Company and its suppliers’ entire liability under these Terms, and your exclusive and exclusive remedy for any of the issues mentioned above, shall be limited to one hundred United States Dollars (USD).

If you experience losses due to using the Service, this still stands. If you incur any damages as a consequence of your use of the Service, the Company and its suppliers’ liability under any provision of these Terms shall be limited to the fullest extent permissible by law.

The Company and its suppliers will not be responsible for any damages, including lost profits, data or information, business disruption, personal injury, or loss of privacy, that result from or are related to the use of the Service, third-party material, or third-party software. Some businesses avoid responsibility for indirect or unforeseen costs in jurisdictions where such a policy would be illegal.

It is possible that the foregoing restrictions will not apply to the consumer. Each party’s liability shall be restricted to the most significant degree possible under applicable law.

“AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” Disclaimer

Since the Service is provided “AS IS,” it includes all known flaws and errors and is not guaranteed in any way. The Company, on its behalf and behalf of its affiliates and their respective licensors and service providers, disclaims any representations or warranties concerning the Service, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise.

Guarantees based on a previous history of business, past performance, or custom in the relevant industry are also included in this definition, as are any implicit warranties, such as the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, title, and non-infringement.

You agree that the Company does not provide any warranties for the Service, either explicit or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose. There is no promise from the company that problems you’re having will be fixed.

You may not use the Service for any illegal purpose or in any way prohibited by these terms. You agree that you will not access or attempt to access our servers by any means other than through the interface provided by us for such access and that you will otherwise comply with all applicable laws and regulations in your use of our Services.

In certain nations, customers cannot be deprived of specific promises or have their legal rights curtailed; therefore, the exclusions mentioned above and limits may not apply to You. However, if such a thing should occur, we will enforce the limits and exclusions in this section to the utmost extent permissible by law.

Governing Law

You acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following Terms of Service. The following are the rules that govern your usage of our Site. Using the Site, you accept these terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”). If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not use the Site.

If any dispute between you and us includes the services of a third party in a different country, however, international law may apply. These Terms will be governed by and interpreted by the laws of any other country without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law.

Disputes Resolution

You understand that it is your responsibility to contact the Company if any problems or disputes arise in connection with the Service.

For European Union (EU) Users

If you live in the European Union, you have the right to anticipate that your local laws will provide adequate protection.

The United States Legal Compliance

When using the Service, you affirm that you are not situated in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list of banned or restricted parties maintained by the United States government.

Severability and Waiver


If a court determines that any part of these Terms is defective or unenforceable, that part will be rewritten to reflect the parties intentions as closely as feasible. Every other provision shall continue in full force and effect.


You agree to be bound by these terms by signing up for this event. Therefore, you agree that this will not impact your right to exercise or compel such performance at any time afterward, nor will it lessen any responsibility you may have to pay for this event or any portion thereof.

Translation Interpretation

For your convenience, we may have also included a translation of these Terms & Conditions into your native language. The original English version shall govern in case of any inconsistency with the translated version.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

Your visit to and use of our Website are subject to the following Terms of Service. You acknowledge and agree to be governed by these Terms of Use by accessing or using our Website.

These terms and conditions may be updated at any moment. If we decide to make any significant changes to our Terms and Conditions, we will let you know by either publishing a notice on our Site or sending you an email at the address you provided.

If you continue to use the Services after we have posted amended Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by the terms of the revised Terms and Conditions. Because of this, you should check back here often.

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