Best Decentralized Casinos 2024

Decentralized casinos are new, and they already bring many advantages to players.

Do you want to forget about VPN?

Do you want to gamble anonymously?

Do you want to forget about fees and withdraw safely?

Decentralized gambling platforms are your answer. Traditional online casinos are great but they limit you in terms of private data, payments, and regulations.

Stay here for a bit, let’s talk about why decentralized casinos can change your gambling.

decentralized casinos
what are decentralized casinos

What are decentralized casinos?

Decentralized casinos are online casinos that are built on smart contracts. Unlike traditional online casinos, they offer crypto-only payment methods, don’t have country restrictions, don’t have deposit and withdrawal fees, and the payments themselves are super quick.

As usual, at a decentralized casino, you can enjoy your favorite casino games and sports betting. Decentralized gambling platforms are very modern, and they pay a lot of attention to modern games and sports like Bitcoin slots and plenty of eSports betting options.

Best Decentralized Casinos 2024

Casino Rate Supported Cryptocurrencies Bonus Min. Dep. Wager
Rate stars 5
bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin +6 200% up to 10,000 USD no no
Rate stars 5
bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin +9 100% up to 7 BTC 0.01 mBTC 40x
Rate stars 5
bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin +6 50 Free Spins (Wager Free) 50 USDT none
Rate stars 5
bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin +9 200 Free Spins + 450% 0.00004 BTC 60x

Decentralized casinos VS. Crypto Casinos

Now you now how decentralized gambling sites are different from online casinos, but are they different fro Bitcoin casinos?

To tell you quickly now – yes, they are. Crypto casinos are a great choice for safe gambling, but, to my mind, decentralized casino sites still win. Let’s see how different they are in the table below.

FeatureCrypto CasinosDecentralized Casinos
Crypto Payments
Instant WithdrawalsNot at every casino, but quite often.
No Withdrawal FeesRarely.
Anonymous GamblingNot at every casino, but quite often.
No Registration RequiredNot at every casino, but quite often.
Provably-Fair Games
VPN Required to Access
Live-Casino Games
Sports Betting
Video Poker Games
Bitcoin Slots
Unique Bonuses
Leading Software Providers
eSports Betting

As you can see, decentralized casino sites are winning in many important features.


From my experience, I know that some crypto casinos (they are not built on smart contracts) still offer anonymous gambling and instant withdrawals – you just need to find them.

Are there a lot of decentralized gambling platforms today?

Unfortunately, today you can not find a lot of decentralized casinos. I think it still has something to do with the complexity of the process. But, with the development of blockchain technology, we can expect more and more of them every year.

One good example of a decentralized casino is Dexsport. This decentralized gambling site was established in 2021. It offers both casino and sports betting markets. To my mind, they are very unique in terms of bonuses – you can have free bets, cashback on your losses and regular tournaments.

P.S. These tournaments are quite amazing by the way.

Also, they offer a betting app! Yes, you can play on the go. And, if you really want to be a part of their community, you can purchase a DESU token and not only get money when the prices increase but also get some more unique bonuses.

Bonuses and Decentralized Gambling Platforms

You already had some hints on bonuses. Yes, at Web3 casinos you will not find regular first-deposit bonuses but don’t be sad!

Many experienced gamblers say that bonuses like cashback are actually much better for long-term gaming. And, additionally, you will have free bets, free spins, and pleasant welcome bonuses.

Cashback Bonuses

decentralized casino bonus

Cashback bonuses return a percentage of a player’s losses over a specific period. For example, a casino might offer 5% cashback on losses incurred during a week.

In decentralized casinos, cashback might be offered in the form of the casino’s native cryptocurrency or tokens. This could provide additional benefits if the value of the token increases over time.

Rakeback Bonuses

Rakeback is more common in poker rooms and games where the house takes a small percentage of each pot (the “rake”). A rakeback bonus returns a portion of this rake to the players. For instance, if a player contributes to a pot from which a $1 rake is taken, a 50% rakeback would return $0.50 to the player.

Decentralized gambling platforms might offer rakeback in a more transparent manner due to blockchain’s inherent transparency. Players can see the rake taken and the rakeback received directly via blockchain transactions, ensuring fairness.

Free Bets

Free bets allow players to place bets without risking their own money. If the bet wins, the player usually keeps the winnings (excluding the stake). For example, a $10 free bet at 2:1 odds would return $20 in winnings (the original $10 stake is not returned).

Free bets in decentralized casinos might come with the condition that winnings are paid out in the casino’s own tokens or require wagering in specific blockchain-based games. This could introduce players to new games and promote the use of the decentralized casino’s cryptocurrency.

I decided to introduce these 3 popular types of bonuses at a decentralized casino site.

A small hint: the best decentralized gambling sites offer you even more, especially if you hold their native token.

Types of Games at Decentralized Online Casinos

Decentralized gambling platforms are known for offering only the best casino games and sports betting markets. Meaning, that you will not find unpopular games there – only the best!

So, let’s quickly go through the choices you may at a decentralized online casino.

Sports Betting & eSports Betting

decentralized sports betting

Decentralized platforms for sports betting use cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, ensuring that every wager is transparent and fair. You can bet on various outcomes of sports and eSports events, with the option to do so before or during the event in live betting scenarios.

What distinguishes sports betting from other forms of gambling is the use of odds, which reflect the likelihood of outcomes and potential payouts, ensuring informed risk management through trusted bookmakers.

Speaking about eSports – it is so popular among decentralized gambling platforms! Prepare to enjoy betting on CS2, Dota 2, Valorant, and many more.

Casino Games

Decentralized casino platforms mirror the traditional casino experience with digital versions of blackjack, roulette, slots, and more, ensuring fast and secure transactions via cryptocurrencies. These platforms often collaborate with esteemed game studios to offer a wide array of titles, including popular slot games from developers like BGaming and Quickspin, and table games available in both virtual and live dealer formats for an engaging experience.

You can enjoy lottery games, classic casino games, video poker, Bitcoin slots, etc.

Lottery Gambling

decentralized dice gambling

Lottery games on decentralized platforms stand out for their quick outcomes, minimal betting requirements, and potentially large rewards. Blockchain technology ensures transparency and security, making these lottery games credible and attractive. Players can enjoy various lottery styles, including powerballs and jackpots, appealing to both new and seasoned gamblers.

Bitcoin Dice

Simple yet popular, dice games involve betting on the outcome of a roll. Decentralized versions on the blockchain offer transparency about house edges and game fairness. Beyond winning wagers, players might also earn from staked tokens, receive crypto dividends, or even win NFTs, adding extra layers of excitement to the classic game.

How to Find the Best Decentralized Gambling Site?

Finding the best DeFi casino is not as challenging as you may think. Just make sure you pay attention to the following factors:

  • Make sure this casino is actually built on blockchain technology and is part of a decentralized gambling ecosystem.
  • Check the safety and license of a decentralized sports betting site.
  • Review their bonuses, wagers, and requirements for deposits and withdrawals.
  • You can even test the customer support at the Web3 online gambling site.

The gambling industry is evolving, and players want to switch from traditional payment methods and controlled gaming to anonymity and cryptocurrency, which are always offered by betting platforms in decentralized systems.

Of course, I am not encouraging you to choose this type of online gambling platform, just at least make sure you check them.

Who knows?

Maybe it’s your best match.

David Johnson
David Johnson
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