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If you’re a trader seeking advanced tools to optimize your strategies, this 3Commas review is your gateway to a game-changing experience. Unleash the power of automated trading and smart portfolio management through 3Commas’ innovative platform.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our in-depth analysis will unveil how 3Commas simplifies complex trading maneuvers, maximizes profits, and minimizes risks. Join us as we delve into its features, interface, and real-world performance, uncovering why 3Commas has captured the attention of traders worldwide.

Elevate your trading journey – read on to explore how 3Commas can revolutionize the way you trade.

3Commas review
what is 3commas

What Is 3Commas?

At its core, 3Commas is a cutting-edge trading bot and portfolio management platform that empowers traders with unparalleled tools and insights. Founded in 2017, the company has rapidly risen as a leader in the cryptocurrency trading automation space. With a user-friendly interface, 3Commas caters to both newcomers and experienced traders, offering a range of features designed to enhance trading strategies and outcomes.

The platform enables automated trading across multiple exchanges using crypto signals, allowing traders to capitalize on market opportunities 24/7 without being tied to their screens. Its Smart Trade terminal provides advanced order types, including trailing stop-loss and take-profit, maximizing profit potential while managing risk. The innovative Grid Bot further diversifies trading tactics, intelligently buying and selling within a set price range.

For the analytically inclined, 3Commas offers comprehensive portfolio management tools, tracking performance across various exchanges and assets. It provides insightful data on trades, profits, and losses, facilitating informed decision-making. The Social Trading feature lets users follow successful traders’ strategies, learning from their expertise.

Security remains paramount with 3Commas, employing API keys to safeguard accounts while granting necessary permissions. With its extensive array of features, user-friendly design, and commitment to security, 3Commas has earned its reputation as a go-to platform for traders seeking automation, data-driven insights, and strategic advantage in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

Pros and Cons of 3Commas


Automated Trading: 3Commas offers a robust suite of automated trading tools that allow users to execute complex trading strategies with minimal manual intervention, enhancing efficiency.

Diverse Exchanges: The platform supports integration with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling users to access a wide range of trading pairs and liquidity options from a single interface.

Advanced Order Types: 3Commas provides advanced order types such as trailing stop-loss and take-profit, empowering traders to implement sophisticated risk management strategies while trading on multiple crypto exchanges.

Portfolio Management: The platform offers comprehensive portfolio management tools, helping users track their trades, profits, and losses across different exchanges and assets despite unexpected market moves.

Educational Resources: 3Commas provides a variety of educational resources, including tutorials and webinars, assisting users in understanding the platform’s features and optimizing their trading strategies.

Innovative Features: Features like the Grid Bot introduce innovative trading approaches, allowing users to explore alternative strategies for optimizing their trading outcomes.

Community Engagement: 3Commas encourages community engagement through user forums and social trading, creating a supportive environment where traders can share insights and learn from each other.


Learning Curve: For beginners, the platform’s array of features may have a learning curve, requiring time to fully grasp and utilize its capabilities effectively.

Subscription Costs: 3Commas offers a range of subscription plans, and while the platform’s features are robust, some users might find the pricing structure relatively high compared to other trading tools.

Market Volatility: While automation can be advantageous, it’s important to note that market volatility and sudden price fluctuations can impact trading outcomes, potentially leading to unexpected results.

Reliance on APIs: To execute trades, 3Commas requires users to connect their accounts through API keys. While this enhances security, it also means users need to trust the platform with these credentials.

Limited Control: Complete automation might limit users’ real-time control over their trades, which could be a concern for those who prefer more hands-on decision-making.

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot - Overview

Year Established2017
Mobile AppiOS & Android
Free Plan/TrialAvailable
SecurityKYC, 2FA
Trading BotsHODL Bots, GRID Bots, Options Bots, DCA Bots, Smart Bots
Automated TradingAvailable
Manual TradingAvailable
Supported Exchanges16

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot – Features

From automated trading wizards to advanced portfolio management enchantments, this section unveils the arsenal at your disposal. Whether you’re a seasoned trader seeking dynamic strategies or a newcomer eager to automate with finesse, our journey through 3Commas’ array of features will leave you captivated.

Let’s talk about smart trade terminals, Grid bots, and social trading magic, revealing how each facet is designed to elevate your trading prowess. In this section, discover your possibilities – where 3Commas crypto trading bot empowers you to trade smarter, not harder.

Automated Trading

Auto trading with 3Commas unveils a realm of unparalleled convenience and strategic sophistication. This feature harnesses the power of automation to execute trades on your behalf, freeing you from the confines of constant monitoring. Designed to cater to traders of all experience levels with different automated trading strategies, 3Commas’ auto trading tools are a gateway to executing intricate strategies without the need for manual intervention.

3commas auto trading

Smart Trade Platform

The heart of the Smart Trading feature lies in the Smart Trade terminal, a virtual wizard that lets you set up advanced orders with precision. Trailing stop-loss and take-profit commands work in harmony to maximize your profits and minimize potential losses, even when the market is in flux.


The Grid Bot adds a layer of ingenuity to auto trading. These automatic trading bots operate within predefined price ranges, strategically buying low and selling high as the market ebbs and flows. This unique approach to trading can be a boon for those seeking diversification in their strategies.

Facts to Consider When Auto Trading

Amidst the enchantment of auto trading, it’s vital to remain vigilant while doing Smart Trades. While automation empowers you to navigate the market’s intricate dance, market volatility and unforeseen events can sway outcomes. This is where the synergy of automation and a well-informed trader’s watchful eye converge, ensuring your strategies remain adaptive and aligned with your goals.

With 3Commas’ automated crypto trading, you’re not just relinquishing manual labor – you’re embracing a dynamic fusion of technology and strategy that can redefine your trading journey. Whether you’re an algorithm enthusiast or a pragmatist seeking efficient trade execution, auto trading with 3Commas beckons you into a realm where your strategies can flourish with unparalleled precision.

Manual Trading

Manual trading with 3Commas is an art that combines your expertise with the platform’s intuitive tools, allowing you to navigate the cryptocurrency market with finesse and precision. While automation offers convenience, manual trading harnesses your insights, instincts, and real-time decisions to capitalize on ever-changing market conditions.

Different Order Types

For traders who relish more granular control, the platform’s advanced order types shine. Tailor your trades with trailing stop-loss and take-profit commands, safeguarding your profits while managing risks effectively. This level of control ensures that your trading aligns precisely with your strategic vision.

3Commas Tools for Manual Trading

But manual trading doesn’t mean you’re isolated. 3Commas provides you with real-time market data, indicators, and insights, enhancing your decision-making process. As you analyze market trends and chart patterns, the platform’s interface becomes your canvas, where you execute trades that resonate with your insights.

Facts to Consider When Trading Manually

While manual trading amplifies your role as a strategist, remember that it requires dedication, continuous monitoring, and the ability to swiftly adapt to market shifts. The cryptocurrency landscape is known for its volatility, making real-time decision-making crucial for success.

In the dynamic dance between manual trading and the tools 3Commas provides, you’re not just trading – you’re sculpting your strategies with each executed order. Whether you’re a veteran trader leveraging experience or a newcomer exploring the art of market analysis, 3Commas’ manual trading capabilities amplify your potential to navigate the crypto markets with precision and finesse.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management with 3Commas is a holistic journey that empowers traders to navigate the complexities of their holdings with clarity and insight. In the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, an effective portfolio management strategy is essential, and 3Commas offers an array of tools to assist you in this endeavor.

The platform’s portfolio management features provide a bird’s-eye view of your holdings across multiple exchanges and assets. You can effortlessly track your trades, gains, and losses, enabling you to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your trading performance.

Analyse Crypto with 3Commas

Through interactive dashboards and visual representations, 3Commas offers insights that transcend mere numbers. You can delve into historical data, analyze trends, and gauge the effectiveness of your strategies. This data-driven approach empowers you to fine-tune your tactics for optimal performance.

Social Trading

In addition to data analysis, 3Commas offers a social trading element that fosters a sense of community and knowledge sharing. You can follow successful traders’ strategies, gaining insights from their experiences and incorporating their approaches into your own portfolio management strategy.

Facts to Consider to Manage Your Portfolio with 3Commas

However, effective portfolio management extends beyond data interpretation. It requires strategic diversification and risk management. 3Commas aids you in achieving these objectives through its array of trading bots and order types, allowing you to tailor your portfolio to align with your risk tolerance and goals.

Navigating the cryptocurrency market with 3Commas’ portfolio management tools is like having a compass in the midst of a vast ocean. As you harness data, insights, and community-driven wisdom, you’re equipped to steer your investments with confidence. Whether you’re fine-tuning your current holdings or crafting a well-balanced portfolio, 3Commas empowers you to sail the waters of crypto with a steady hand and a clear vision.

Supported Exchanges

Crypto ExchangeTrading Order TypesSmartTradeDCA BotGrid BotFast ConnectOptions Bot
Binance😎 Spot
😎 Futures
😎 Margin
OKX😎 Spot
😎 Futures
Bybit😎 Spot
😎 Futures
Deribit😎 Options
Gate.io😎 Spot
😎 Futures
KuCoin😎 Spot
Coinbase Pro😎 Spot
Binance TR😎 Spot
Binance US😎 Spot
Bitfinex😎 Spot
Bitstamp😎 Spot
Bittrex😎 Spot
Crypto.com😎 Spot
Gemini😎 Spot
Huobi😎 Spot
Kraken😎 Spot

TradingView Integration

The integration of TradingView with 3Commas presents a dynamic synergy, combining advanced charting tools with precision trading execution. This collaboration enhances your trading experience by seamlessly incorporating comprehensive technical analysis into your trading strategy.

  1. Seamless Charting: With TradingView’s renowned charting capabilities integrated into 3Commas, you gain access to a treasure trove of technical indicators, drawing tools, and chart patterns. This empowers you to conduct in-depth analysis, identify trends, and make informed trading decisions.
  2. Informed Strategy: By utilizing TradingView’s advanced charting within 3Commas, you can craft strategies that align with your technical analysis. This integration enables you to set up trades with specific entry and exit points based on your chart insights.
  3. Precision Execution: While TradingView offers analysis, 3Commas complements it by executing trades efficiently. You can configure trading bots to implement strategies derived from your technical analysis, ensuring that your actions align seamlessly with your chart interpretations.
  4. Time Efficiency: The integration eliminates the need to switch between platforms. You can seamlessly transition from analyzing charts on TradingView to executing trades on 3Commas, saving valuable time and ensuring your strategies are enacted swiftly.
  5. Customization: TradingView’s extensive library of indicators and chart types lets you customize your analysis to match your trading style. This versatility translates into adaptable trading strategies when executed through 3Commas.
  6. Educational Value: For traders eager to learn, the TradingView integration offers an educational opportunity. As you analyze charts and apply indicators, you’re refining your understanding of technical analysis, which can be invaluable for your future trading decisions.

The integration of TradingView with 3Commas harmonizes technical analysis with actionable trading strategies. By fusing two powerful tools, you’re not only enhancing your decision-making but also optimizing your trading execution.

3Commas – Types of Trading Bots

In this section, we unveil the orchestra of trading bots available at 3Commas. From the strategic brilliance of the Smart Trade terminal to the innovative charm of the Grid Bot, each bot is a masterpiece in itself. We’ll delve into their mechanics, unravel their capabilities, and unveil the potential they hold for traders of all levels.

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of automated trading or eager to add new dimensions to your strategies, join us on this expedition through the realm of 3Commas’ trading bots like Options trading bots. The tools you’ll encounter are not mere algorithms – they’re your allies in the quest for trading excellence. Let’s dive in and uncover the enchanting possibilities that these trading bots bring to the table.

GRID Trading Bots

GRID bots at 3Commas introduce a revolutionary approach to trading process that marries innovation with strategic finesse. A GRID trading bot is not merely a trading tool; it’s a concept that reshapes the way traders interact with the market’s fluctuations.

3commas grid bot

How GRID Bots Work

Picture a dynamic grid woven across a price spectrum. Within this grid, the bot operates as an ingenious trader, buying and selling assets at carefully defined price points. As the market dances between highs and lows, the GRID bot remains poised, capitalizing on the oscillations to accumulate gains.

This unique strategy thrives in volatile markets, where price movements create opportunities for shrewd traders. The GRID bot allows you to define the range where it operates, creating a safety net of trades that cushion against potential losses. Yet, it does not shy away from capitalizing on market swings, steadily accumulating profits as the assets shift within the designated grid, which are shown in bot analytics.

However, like any strategy, the GRID bot isn’t immune to market complexities. Its effectiveness lies in understanding market trends, gauging potential price ranges, and setting parameters that align with your risk appetite. In the hands of an adept trader, the GRID bot becomes a strategic ally, executing trades that dance in harmony with market dynamics.

Smart Bot

The Smart Trade Bot at 3Commas is the pinnacle of precision and strategy in automated trading. It’s not just a bot; it’s your virtual trading companion that empowers you to execute trades with finesse and intelligence.

3commas smart bot

Imagine a tool that allows you to set up advanced orders effortlessly, orchestrating your trading strategy with precision. The Smart Trade Bot lets you define complex parameters, from trailing stop-loss and take-profit commands to conditional orders that trigger based on specific market conditions.

How Smart Bot Works

This bot excels in dynamic markets, where split-second decisions can make all the difference. It empowers you to respond to price fluctuations with agility, capturing gains and limiting losses as the market moves.

The beauty of the Smart Trade Bot lies in its user-friendly interface, seamlessly designed to cater to traders of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a newcomer, the intuitive dashboard empowers you to set up and modify trades with ease.

But automation doesn’t mean relinquishing control. The Smart Trade Bot amplifies your trading acumen by allowing you to fine-tune parameters and monitor trades in real time. As you observe the market’s ebb and flow, the bot operates as your faithful executor, ensuring your strategies come to life with impeccable timing.

Yet, as with any tool, mastering the Smart Trade Bot requires understanding the nuances of market dynamics and strategy. Its effectiveness lies in your ability to set parameters that align with your objectives and react to market shifts.

DCA Bots

3commas dca bots

DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) Bots at 3Commas offer traders an ingenious way to navigate the world of cryptocurrency investments with a long-term perspective. This approach hinges on the principle of consistent, incremental purchases, regardless of market volatility, allowing you to potentially benefit from both upward trends and downward corrections.

How DCA Bots Work

Imagine having a dedicated companion that executes predetermined purchases at regular intervals, automating your investment strategy. 3Commas’ DCA bots empower you to accumulate assets over time, effectively averaging the purchase price, which can mitigate the impact of market fluctuations on your overall investment.

With a DCA cryptocurrency trading bot, market timing becomes less crucial. Instead of attempting to predict peaks and troughs, you’re embracing a disciplined strategy that thrives on consistency. Whether the market surges or dips, your DCA Bot keeps diligently accumulating, setting a foundation for long-term growth.

However, it’s essential to understand that while DCA is a powerful strategy, it doesn’t entirely shield you from market risks. It’s imperative to choose your assets wisely and set intervals that align with your investment goals. A well-constructed DCA strategy considers both the potential for asset appreciation and the risks associated with market volatility. When setting up the cryptocurrency trading bot, don’t forget to specify how many safety trades the bot is wlloed to open.


HODL bots at 3Commas are designed to cater to a particular philosophy that resonates deeply within the cryptocurrency community – the concept of “HODLing.” Derived from a humorous misspelling of “hold,” HODLing refers to the strategy of holding onto your assets regardless of market volatility or short-term fluctuations, with the belief in their long-term value.

How HODL Bots Work

3commas hodl bot

In essence, HODL trading bots embrace this philosophy and provide traders with a tool to automate the process. These bots are programmed to buy and hold assets over an extended period, regardless of the market’s ups and downs. They embody a strategic patience, allowing you to align your investments with a long-term vision rather than reacting to short-term market noise.

By automating the HODL strategy, you’re liberated from the emotional roller coaster of frequent trading decisions. Instead, you maintain a steadfast course, accumulating assets with the conviction that their value will appreciate over time.

It’s crucial to note that while HODLing has proven successful for many in the cryptocurrency space, it’s not a guarantee of profits. It requires careful selection of assets, thorough research, and a commitment to the long-term view. HODL trading bots amplify this strategy, ensuring that your investments remain aligned with your unwavering belief in the potential of blockchain and digital assets.

3Commas Trading Bot – Subscription Plans

Free0 USD✅ Portfolio Tracking
✅ Unlimited Scalper Terminal
Starter29 USD✅ One GRID Bot
✅ One DCA Bot
✅ One Smart Bot
✅ Unlimited HODL Bot
✅ One Options Bot
✅ Unlimited Active SmartTrades
✅ Unlimited Scalper Terminal
✅ Demo account
Advanced49 USD✅ One GRID Bot
✅ Unlimited DCA Bots
✅ One Smart Bot
✅ Unlimited HODL Bot
✅ One Options Bot
✅ Unlimited Active SmartTrades
✅ Unlimited Scalper Terminal
✅ Demo account
Pro99 USD✅ Unlimited GRID Bots
✅ Unlimited DCA Bots
✅ One Smart Bot
✅ Unlimited HODL Bot
✅ Unlimited Options Bots
✅ Unlimited Active SmartTrades
✅ Unlimited Scalper Terminal
✅ Demo account

How to Start Trading with 3Commas?

To embark on your trading journey with 3Commas, follow these steps:

#1 – Create a Trading Account

Begin by registering on the 3Commas platform. Provide your necessary information and create a secure account to gain access to the platform’s features. This will take just a few minutes.

#2 – Connect Your Crypto Exchange

After creating your account, integrate your chosen cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Link your exchange account securely through API keys, granting 3Commas access to execute trades on your behalf.

#3 – Choose Your Trading Bot

Explore 3Commas’ array of trading bots, each designed to cater to specific strategies. Select your own bot that aligns with your trading goals – whether it’s an automated Smart Trade Bot, a dynamic GRID bot, or other options.

#4 – Select Crypto to Trade & Set Up Your Trade

Choose the preferred currency you wish to trade and define your trading parameters. Specify your entry points – initial trade price, stop-loss, take-profit, and any other parameters your chosen bot requires. These settings align with your strategy and risk tolerance. In case you do margin trading, don’t forget to specify leverage.

#5 – Trade ASAP!

Once your trade is configured, execute it through the chosen trading bot. Monitor the trade’s progress through the platform’s interface, tracking its performance in real-time. If you have any questions, you can contact the support team of 3Commas.

Is 3Commas Safe?

Yes, 3Commas automated trading platform places a strong emphasis on security to ensure the safety of its users’ funds and personal information. The platform implements various measures to create a secure trading environment:

  • API Key Security: 3Commas uses API keys to connect with exchanges, which allows the platform to execute trades. These keys have specific permissions and do not grant access to withdrawal or other critical functions.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): The platform encourages users to enable two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security to their accounts. This authentication method requires a unique code generated on a user’s mobile device, making it significantly harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access.
  • Encrypted Communication: 3Commas employs encryption protocols to secure all communication between users and the platform. This safeguards sensitive data from interception or unauthorized access.
  • Personal Data Protection: The platform adheres to data protection standards and ensures that users’ personal information is stored securely and not shared without explicit consent.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The 3Commas team actively monitors the platform for any unusual activities and promptly addresses any security concerns that may arise.
  • Educational Resources: 3Commas provides educational resources that guide users on security best practices, helping them make informed decisions to enhance their own security.

3Commas and Crypto Signals

3commas crypto signals

Integrating 3Commas with crypto signals presents a powerful synergy, elevating your trading strategy by merging advanced automation with real-time market insights. Here’s how you can seamlessly blend these two features to amplify your trading prowess.

Real-Time Insights

Crypto signals offer real-time market insights, highlighting potential entry and exit points based on technical analysis. By receiving signals from reputable sources, you gain a comprehensive view of market trends and sentiment.

Signal Integration

Access trading signals with 3Commas’ Smart Trade terminal. Use the insights from the signals to inform your trading parameters, enhancing the precision of your trades. Don’t forget to check you take profit and stop loss targets.

Automation with Precision

3Commas’ automated trading bots execute trades with speed and accuracy. By aligning these bots with your received crypto signals for a certain trading pair, you ensure that your trades capitalize on market opportunities in a timely manner.

Strategy Customization

Tailor your trading strategies within 3Commas to the specific signals you receive. Whether you’re leveraging short-term signals for day trading or long-term signals for investment, the platform’s versatility accommodates your preferences.

Portfolio Diversification

Crypto signals often cover a variety of cryptocurrencies. Utilize 3Commas’ portfolio management tools to track and manage multiple assets efficiently, ensuring a well-diversified portfolio aligned with your signal-driven decisions. To check the Portfolios feature, scroll up to the Features section of this 3Commas review.

Final Verdict – 3Commas Review

3Commas stands at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading, merging innovation and strategic prowess. With an array of automated trading bots, including the Smart Trade terminal and GRID bot, it empowers traders to execute precise strategies.

The platform’s versatility extends to portfolio management, integrating crypto signals for real-time insights, and fostering a supportive community for learning. Security measures such as API key protection and two-factor authentication enhance user trust.

While automation offers efficiency, prudent decision-making remains key. For traders seeking a dynamic toolkit in the volatile cryptocurrency landscape, 3Commas emerges as a strategic partner in the pursuit of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to get started

3Commas is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a suite of automated trading bots and advanced tools. It's designed to enhance your trading strategy by providing precise execution and strategic insights. Whether you're a beginner exploring automation or an experienced trader seeking more efficient strategies, 3Commas can elevate your trading game.

You can start with paper trading to check all the features on 3Commas advanced trading bots.

3Commas' automated trading bots are designed to execute your strategies with precision. However, you retain control by setting parameters and strategies according to your preferences. You can adjust stop-loss, take-profit, and other settings to align with your risk tolerance, ensuring that the automation works in harmony with your insights.

Integrating crypto signals with 3Commas enriches your decision-making. Crypto signals provide real-time insights into market trends, while 3Commas' automation executes your trades. This combination empowers you to leverage expert analysis in your trading strategy, allowing you to respond to market dynamics with informed precision.

Absolutely! 3Commas caters to traders of all levels. For beginners, the user-friendly interface and educational resources provide a smooth learning curve. Experienced traders benefit from the platform's advanced tools, allowing them to fine-tune strategies and explore innovative trading approaches like the GRID bot.

In case you have any questions on how to execute safety trades or you find it difficult to choose a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform, 3Commas support team will be glad to help you.

3Commas' portfolio management tools offer an overview of your holdings across multiple exchanges. You can track trades, gains, and losses, gaining insights into your performance. This information helps you make informed decisions, refine your strategies, and ensure a well-diversified portfolio aligned with your goals.

Yes, 3Commas prioritizes security. API key integration ensures secure connection with exchanges, while two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection. Encrypted communication safeguards your data, and the platform's proactive monitoring mitigates risks. By following best practices and utilizing these security features, you can trade with confidence.

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