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We Ask Google

The first step in our due diligence process is to perform the overall check of the crypto signals channel. We collect any information possible – from social media profiles to suspicious publications related to them. Of course, it is possible not with every Telegram group – some of them are new and are not much visible in Google. Anyways, we collect as much information as possible.


We Check Free Channel

Here is the step where we can almost at once understand the main goal of the Telegram crypto channel. We start with reviewing the date of the channel’s creation, if they changed the name and how they started. We review if the free crypto signals channel posts educational material and results. If there are free crypto signals and long-term crypto signals available, we analyze why they were posted (fundamental and TA reasons) and if they were profitable.

We Browse Traders’ Reviews

This one is as clear as day. We are looking for reviews, blog posts in Medium or comments in Reddit to form a clear picture of the professionalism of this crypto channel’s traders. We will need these reviews later to compare our vision of the channel with the vision of regular traders.


We Check Crypto Signals

At this stage, we already know if the crypto signals channel is worth attention. If it is, we review the paid crypto signals posted by it. Opposite to our competitors, a profitable month is not everything we want to see. Our traders are looking for the swing or day trading strategy, some common patterns that were used in TA – this is very important for evaluation.

We Talk to Admins

Admins are the people who greet new traders – and their messages are actually the face of the swing crypto channel. So, our team talks to admins to see how they respond – in terms of info and time, if they are ready to help you and maybe educate somehow. Basically, scam channels usually have bad admins, so this step is crucial 🙂


We Award Final Score

As soon as we have everything gathered and reviewed, we are able to understand the level of the channel. Usually, good channels have it all set up everywhere, but there may be exceptions. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you about every detail.

David Johnson
David Johnson
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