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Supported Cryptocurrencies

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200 Free Spins + 450%





Minimum Deposit

0.00004 BTC

Payment Methods

Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BNB (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), EOS (EOS), Ethereum (ETH), NEO (NEO), USD Coin (USDC), Tether (USDT), Stellar (XLM), Monero (XMR), XRP (XRP)


Casino name
Techcore Holding B.V.
200 Free Spins + 450%
English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish
Time of Withdrawals
24 hours
Maximum Withdrawal

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fairspin

Fairspin Casino, established in 2018, has made significant changes in the crypto casino industry, offering a comprehensive gaming experience highlighted by blockchain technology for enhanced security and transparency. Here’s a concise overview of its pros and cons.


Extensive Game Library: Fairspin boasts a diverse collection of over 7,000 games from leading providers, ensuring a wide variety of gaming experiences​​.

Robust Security and Transparency: Utilizes blockchain technology to offer transparent odds and secure transactions, providing a trustworthy environment for players​​.

Generous Bonuses and Promotions: Offers a competitive welcome bonus package, alongside unique tokenized rakebacks and a loyalty program that rewards players with its native TFS coin​​​​.

Versatile Payment Options: Supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies and fiat payment methods, catering to a broad audience​​​​.

Innovative Features: Includes play-to-earn rewards, progressive jackpots, and risk-free passive income opportunities through its proprietary TFS Token​​​​.


Geographical Restrictions: Access to Fairspin is limited in several regions, which might exclude potential players from these areas​​.

Game Restrictions: Certain types of games may be restricted in some countries, possibly limiting the gaming options for players in those locations​​.

Fairspin Casino, which started in 2018, stands out because it uses special tech to make games fair and keep your stuff safe. They’ve got a huge choice of over 7,000 games, so you’re likely to find something fun to play​​. They accept lots of different digital money and even regular money, making it easy for people from all over to join in​​​​.

They’re pretty generous too, giving new players and regulars bonuses and the chance to get some of their own digital coins, which can be used for more rewards​​​​. But, not everyone can play here because of rules in some places, and if you like playing on an app, they don’t have one just yet​​.

So, if you’re into games and digital money, Fairspin could be a cool place to check out. Just make sure you can play from where you live.

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