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Binance Killers is a popular channel that delivers some of the best trading signals for altcoins and other cryptocurrencies making headlines in the market. Launched in 2020, this trading signal provider strives to provide good consistent results in accuracy and general performance.


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Binance Killers Review 2024

Trading has become a major source of income for millions of people worldwide. However, with crypto prices stagnating, it has become harder for traders to judge which might be the right trades to make. Fortunately, you can still make a return while trading cryptocurrencies by leveraging crypto trade signals from reputable sources.

Like many trading signal providers, Binance Killers offers signals and education materials for budding traders. Their signals are good, well-organized, and extremely clear, with a great support team ready to rally behind you when you need help. More importantly, Binance Killers have an admirable approach toward risk, making your trading experience extremely pleasant.

Our team bombarded the admins with lots of questions, starting with very basic stuff to test their patience and knowledge about the market.

From the first response, the admin (@bkceo) proved to be extremely resourceful and was quite patient even when explaining basic questions. Unfortunately, it might take a few days to get the first response from the team, but our editorial team was very happy with the quality of services that Binance Killers delivers.

Who are Binance Killers?

Binance Killers is a Telegram crypto trading signals group formed by 3 admins and covering different time zones including Miami, Moscow, and New Delhi. This crypto signals group has an average response time of about an hour for inquiries, but you might have to wait up to 4 hours at times. However, that’s understandable considering the admins have a great deal of work preparing daily crypto signals for members.

binance killers admin

Admin @bkceo will answer most of your questions after you subscribe to Binance Killers and he has proven to be extremely knowledgeable when answering queries. In general, this team has an overall experience of 5+ years in crypto trading, which is an advantage, considering that most trading signal providers have only been in the market for less than 2 years. That experience truly reflects in their precision, trading style, and results.

Quality Crypto Signals

When you join Binance Killers, you’ll get access to one channel and begin your journey to increase your returns while trading. The channel might appear somehow basic at first glance compared to other leading providers, but you’ll be pleased to know it’s full of helpful trading information and pertinent crypto signals.

The team’s experience is evident in their trading style, which is biased towards midterm and long-term trading signals. That’s the best way to make a profit while using crypto signals. Additionally, thrill-seekers who like scalping will also find scalping calls, although they’re a little scarce.

binance killers free signals

This crypto signals trading group uses maximum leverage of 5X for their Binance Futures signals, which shows that they understand the risks of trading cryptocurrencies. That also shows they care about the finances of their members.

Binance Killers Trading Signals – Risk vs. Reward

While the team at Binance Killers seems to have years of experience, we needed to test the quality of their services. The admin normally posts one or two signals every day and although some of their Binance signals don’t always yield immediate profits, most of their trading signals are a winner in the long run.

Because of their clear crypto trading signals, we can rank Binance Killers among the best signals group online. However, there are a few things that Binance Killers doesn’t feature like bot integration, it’s still worth a shot for beginners and experienced traders. Additionally, the frequency of their scalping signals is quite inconsistent and that might be a turn-off for some adrenaline junkies.

Trade Performance

Judging from the last 10 signals that we received from Binance Killers, this trading signal group seems to be performing great. Interestingly, Binance Killers identifies their signals using a unique 4-digit code that’s easy to find at a later time.

Another cool feature about Binance Killers is that their analysis updates and some of their signals flow with other signals to create a steady flow. That’s an exceptional idea that seems well executed by experienced traders. 

Binance Killers Telegram Channel

The Binance Killers Telegram channel is a crypto community with about 150,000 members in the free group and about 2000 people in their VIP group. That makes Binance killers among the largest telegram groups for trading signals.

Binance Killers Customer Support Team

As earlier mentioned, Binance Killers comes with an incredibly knowledgeable and patient customer support team that provides quick responses. You can expect the admin to reply to your queries within the hour, although sometimes it might take a little longer.

Price and Payment Options

Binance Killers offers a mix of paid and free group signals to cater to the needs of all traders including those under a budget. Paid trading signals often have flash sales and discount promotions for members, which gives you access to everything at an affordable price.

At the time of this review, Binance Killers is charging 0.008 BTC for a one-month subscription. The price might be a turn-off to new traders, but committed members can access everything at an affordable price since the cost reduces exponentially with time. You can even find lifetime deals at a great price.  

Binance Killers Trading Resources

Trading education is extremely important in crypto trading and Binance Killers group fully understands that. When you join this Telegram trading channel, you get access to quality signals, market updates, and resourceful education materials.

binance killers market updates

Moreover, you can contact the admins directly and ask them any questions you might have. 

Pros and Cons of Binance Killers Telegram


  • High accuracy rate (over 97%)
  • Constant crypto trading signals (1-2 signals daily)
  • Features a team of experienced, high-performing traders
  • Day trading scalps
  • Knowledgeable customer support team available 24/7
  • Complete technical analysis with all trades
  • Daily market analysis for free and VIP members


  • Binance Killers lacks bot integration, so their members must enter all their trades manually.
  • Inconsistent frequency for scalping signals


After joining Binance Killers for three months and testing their signals, support, and education material, it’s easy to see why this trading signals channel has grown in popularity despite being young. The admins on the channels are knowledgeable about crypto trading and their experience is evident with their high accuracy rates. Even better, you’ll get day trading scalps together with the constant flow of crypto trading signals.


After subscribing to the Binance Killers VIP group for 2 months, I’d highly recommend them for beginners in crypto trading. It was disappointing to see that such a popular channel doesn’t have bot integration, but the quality of their trading signals is impressive. Their calls feature a stunning 97% accuracy rate and the price is affordable.Crypto Day Trader, Noel Keys

No matter whether the crypto market is on an upward or downward trend, Binance Killers always makes money for its members. Its consistency in delivering crypto trading signals is impressive, although they’re a little disappointing in delivering scalping signals.Crypto Trader and Enthusiast, Salina Salenko

I signed up for a one-month VIP membership and it took about three days to get the first response from the admin. However, when the admin finally replied to my messages, it was easy to access everything I needed.Crypto Trader, Jamal Moddy

Speaking from experience, Binance Killers might not be the best option for seasoned traders. The signals are beginner-friendly, but skilled traders might need more resources to remain profitable.Day Trader, James Stone

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to get started

Despite only being in the market for a few years, Binance Killers is a legit crypto trading signal channel that helps you remain profitable in the long run. They’re frequent at posting trade signals and their accuracy level is impressive.
If you’re a beginner at crypto trading and need to boost your profits in the long run, Binance Killers is worth joining. This trading signals channel promises a 97% accuracy rate, making it worth every penny.
While Binance Killers trading signals don’t guarantee that you’ll win every trade, they minimize your risks in the long run. You can expect to start seeing results during the first month, but you might need to stay around longer to break even and make serious profits.
Besides crypto trading signals, Binance Killers delivers great scalping signals for adrenaline junkies. You also get access to other educational materials and crypto trading resources. 
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