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Many people, thinking about those who bought BTC before 2017, have a big desire to catch the moment and start trading cryptocurrencies to earn profits. Cryptocurrency trading has different strategies, and each trader should decide which way is more convenient for him. To make it easier to choose, we will tell you about these strategies.

Today, we will talk about daily crypto signals. In this article, you will find out about the best crypto signals Telegram groups, their pros and cons, and a couple of up-to-date tips. So, don’t be afraid to get lost in this vast world of trading signals – the team of CryptoSignalsHub is going to educate you!

What Are Day Trading Crypto Signals?

Day trading crypto signals or daily crypto signals are predictions that indicate the price of a particular coin in the future. As in the case of common trade signals, daily crypto signals can be for long or short positions, with or without leverages. The only difference between day trading crypto signals and common signals is the period of open positions.


A day trader opens a position today at 9 am. Before opening it, he did a daily technical analysis and got the entries, targets & stop loss predictions. A day trader will close this position today in the evening, and this does not depend on the result.

The main rule of day trading signals is that all the positions that are opened today, should be closed today as well.

Frankly speaking, not many traders like the day trading strategy – many prefer swing crypto signals. The thing is that the level of stress is quite high during the day because traders try to get all the profits possible before they close the position. If you want to trade with daily quality signals and remain calm, you can find a good crypto signals app like Cornix. It automates your trades, and you can leave it active and just come back at the end of the day to close the positions.

Best Crypto Signals

Channel Rate Supported Exchanges Prices Cornix Bot Last Month Results Review link
CryptoVirus 🦠 Approved
, ,

50 USD / 1 month

120 USD / 3 month

230 USD / 6 month

400 USD / 12 month



AltSignals Approved
, , ,

99 GBP / 1 month



Fat Pig Signals Approved
, ,

640 USD / 3 month

960 USD / 6 month

1,600 USD / 12 month



OnwardBTC Approved
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69 USD / 1 month

165 USD / 3 month

496 USD / 6 month



Advantages and Disadvantages of Daily Crypto Trading Signals


Of course, when the strategy is used in a clever and proper way, the number of pros will always be higher than the number of cons. Here, we will describe the characteristics of the best crypto signals Telegram group:

  • Regular paid signals are present.
  • The level of stress is lower because you always close your positions at the end of the day.
  • Profits may be higher because it is easier to guess the outcome during the day.
  • Free crypto signals may be found in a crypto Telegram group.
  • You can always contact the trader and ask questions regarding the technical analysis or a crypto signal service.
  • You can get proper knowledge about the crypto market and start trading by yourself.

The number of pros does not end here – if you choose the best crypto trading signals group, you will get much more benefits like free education packages, free chat, etc.etc.


Even the best crypto trading strategy has its cons, and this can not be avoided even if you choose the best paid crypto signals. Here are the most popular cons you may meet while trading with daily crypto signals:

  • The level of stress during the day may be higher because you need to get quick profits – you can not wait for weeks or months.
  • This strategy is not for calm and, let’s say, lazy traders – you need to be present all day to follow a trading signal, even if it was taken from professional traders’ opinion.

As you remember, here we described an ideal situation of working with a legit crypto signals provider. If you, by accident, subscribe to a scam crypto group, you may see more cons.

Free Crypto Signals for Day Trading

Free signals are a great way to earn some money and check the crypto trading signal service for free. Day trading channels also post free crypto signals – at least those that are legit and fair. There is no completely free crypto signals service out there, but you can always stick with free signals and don’t buy a subscription.

You may ask:

“Are free crypto trading signals work enough to earn a lot of money?”


No. A free crypto signal is a great help to check the service to buy the subscription later, but it will not bring you good money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to get started

Day trading crypto signals are crypto market predictions, that indicate the price movements during a particular day. The crypto signal should contain the entry price, exchanges to open the trade, target prices, and stop loss. If the signal is margin or futures, the leverage should be indicated as well.

The best day trading crypto signals Telegram group is a channel that has analyzed and fair crypto signals, a great level of support, education, and affordable prices. Usually, the better the communication is, the more benefits you can get while trading.

If you work with professional traders, the day trading crypto signals will be profitable. But, never follow trading signal providers blindly - try to do your research, even if it is a basic one.

Yes, it is completely safe to use daily trading signals. If you are afraid to trade on your own, you can even subscribe to an automated trading bot or a smart trading bot, which will ease the process of day trading and reduce your stress. If you want to be 100% sure you use the best crypto signals, follow our website to find the best signal services with a risk management strategy, fundamental research, and in-depth technical analysis.

The difference between day trading and swing crypto signals is in the period you may leave the position open. When day trading, you need to close the position on the same day you opened it. If you use a swing strategy, you may leave the position open for a couple of days.